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We at ‘KIENEX’ believe passionately that home automation systems are changing our life for good, even for the best! We can stipulate on this because we have installed and maintained hundreds of systems by our own.

So different we are as persons, so different features we look for, and so different the smart home systems can be: bringing us comfort, security, economy or fun which everybody (and we mean really everybody) can enjoy.

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About KNX Products and System

That is the reason we started this adventure: to offer to professional installers and system integrators all over this amasing world the best possible KNX certified products and the best possible KNX related services for their everyday job. As people working on the field we know how critically important that may be.

We have dedicated hours of testing and comparing KNX products and solutions before carefully selecting the best partners for our online platform.


about our training and installations.

And we did not stop there: we will not only deliver you the products, but we will help you choose the best ones that fit your type of project, your budget or the scale of your installation.

To add to that, we would be happy to assist you with the details on configuring and programming your system. We can manage for you the entire process of your project.

Should you feel the need to increase your technical knowledge about KNX or you need specific product trainings you can refer to our ‘KIENEX’ certified training centre and we will offer you number of options including KNX Basic and Advanced courses.

It will be of great pleasure for us to help you be more productive and more successful in delivering your installations and responding to your clients’ demands.